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On Wednesday, January 31st, our team of seven sixth graders, their committed debate coach Karen, a few parents and Monica Schmulson (English Coordinator), arrived at the Olinca School to debate in the 14th Annual Olinca School Debate, with the topic “The manufacture, sale, and use of plastic products should be banned worldwide”.

To arrive at this moment, the students worked arduously over a period of more than a month both at school and at home. Our students went through a training process that involved research, writing and re-writing position papers both in the affirmative and the negative position and practiced their speeches over and over again. They learned to debate and cross-examine their opponents in a respectful and formal way. With this process they developed research, writing and listening skills, as well as self control and critical thinking. When the moment came, the children stood up to the challenge and exceeded all of their own expectations as well as ours.

The Tarbut team won first place in the debate with David Bierzwinsky taking the best debater position and Alan Birman as the second best debater.

As teachers, we are extremely proud of their success, however we are more so over their hard work and dedication. Our most heartfelt congratulations to our debaters and advisors David Bierzwinsky, Alan Birman, Alan Braun and Gabriel Melnik; Alan Garzon, Stephanie Grossman, Gabriel Landsmanas and Alejandro Lijtszain.

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